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In this time of economic recession, Rotarycash provides an effective member-to-member donation platform. We provide a medium where members can donate to each other and support each other financially, in order to achieve their financial dreams. You donate to other members, and when donation is validated, you are connected to receive donation from other members.


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Every of our member is part of a community. A business-oriented community for the financial upliftment of members.
If we work together and commit to the success of one another, true success is attainable.
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Active Support

You can easily contact any of our support agent through the livechat, or send us an email. Our support team will be readily available to handle the situation, and respond to your questions.

Fast Automatic pairings

After receipt and confirmation of payment, downlines are automatically paired to you within a period of 3 days. This is dependent on the rate of influx of new members.

No Referral

You don't need to refer anybody to earn. When you make your payment and have been confirmed, you are eligible to receive your payment, even without referring a single person.

RotaryCash is an internet based organization that hopes to take advantage of the connectivity of the internet, to link together, like-minded Nigerians, for the purpose of creating a financially stable platform to help members maximize profit, by donating to each other.

You can also reach us via our live support medium